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    Guangzhou Lucky Building Material Co.,Ltd, we dedicated in prefab house, container house, light steel villa, kiosk, portable toilet, and all kinds of temporary housing and building materials, which are mainly use in railway,road construction to provide comfortable, convenient accommodations and office for variety of constructions people.The company brings together a large number of temporary construction industry experienced, highly intelligent experts. At the same time, we also have professional installation teams and professional shipping company, to provide door to door and installation one stop service.



    Guangzhou Lucky Building Materials Co.,Ltd

    Add: No.138,Shiyu Road,Dongchong Town,Nansha District,Guangzhou

    Tel: +86 20 34900689

    Fax: +86 20 34910282

    Web: www.jzrht.com

    E-mail: lucky@lkyhome.com

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